Finally, we meet again.

January 16, 2013


So I had a short dream the other night that included Reggie. We were walking in a beautiful garden. There was a stream winding through it and the grass came right up to the edge of the water. There were flowering trees and bushes, it was beautiful.

I see this entire scene from above, birds eye view, so I don’t hear any of our conversation. I do get a sense of the content though. It’s is a catching up talk. What’s new, trials and tribulations, good news, etc. But there was one strange thing about this scene…

We were the same height. I was his size. We were head to head. He was on my right side so what I saw was his ENORMOUS left eye. Big, brown, almond shaped eye. At the end I went up to him and nuzzled my face into his  – right in front of his left ear. It was so soft. So warm. So Reggie.


(picture above is a recreation and is not meant to be dig at short people or big dogs)


Had a dream this week that my husband Pete and I went on vacation. Always a good dream. We were staying at a hotel that was on a wide river that had every kind of boat floating or cruising on it. In the scene I remember is is twilight. The buildings on the other bank are obscured in shadow but the shapes seem old fashioned. Towers, steeples, statues and various architectural intricacies were visible. As I stand on my balcony a large whale breaches the water and dives back in. The whale keeps coming towards me on the river, leaping and jumping over the boats. It comes so fast and then recedes downriver before I can get a word out to Pete to come see this. It was amazingly real. And fanciful. My life needs some fanciful. 

Now with music…

March 9, 2012

The last two nights my dreams have had a song included. It took me two days to pinpoint it… Across the Universe sung by John Lennon. Very pretty song but I haven’t a clue on it’s meaning. Any ideas?

I blew it.

February 23, 2012

I haven’t had a dream with my dog since right after I started this blog. By putting in writing I blew it. He said goodbye to me in the last dream I had with him. He floated away down a magical stream.


Of course I still miss him and I think of him everyday. But he has moved on.

Still not traveling, don’t know why. But I did have one strange dream with Reggie.

We robbed a 7-11. Well actually I robbed it- Reggie just stood there looking tough. The people in the store stood back when he growled. It was hard not to laugh. Anyway, we did this in broad daylight. Then we just took the money and walked out, got in the car and drove away.


No celebrating. No counting it.

This is what I was dreaming this morning right before I woke up.

I am in a drugstore like Walgreens. Reggie is with me on a leash. We are walking down the center aisle and as we approach the last couple of aisles he starts tugging and pulling me. He pulls me down the last aisle. We go almost all the way down the aisle and he is getting REALLY excited. Then he jumps up onto the second from the bottom shelf. It is cans of shaving cream. The white foamy stuff. He is pushing the cans around with his nose as he whines. He pushes this one can off the shelf onto the floor and then continues to push it down the aisle with his nose.

Of course I buy this can of shaving cream for him. Who wouldn’t?

Cut to at the house. We (Reggie, me and the can of shaving cream) get up in bed with Pete. Reggie is about to turn himself inside out with excitement. I open the can and push the button. A small amount of white foam comes out and it becomes a little white elephant. On my bed. Maybe 5 inches high. Reggie goes completely berserk and he and the elephant start to run around on the bed.

I push the button again and now a cow appears. Then a hippo. Then my bed breaks into two pieces and we all tumble to the floor.

I wake up at that.

Last night we had an excellent time. No flying though.

Just all of a sudden we are in a beautifully manicured garden, the sun is shining brightly. I feel myself squinting. Reggie starts sniffing around. Totally loses himself in some smell. I keep walking along a path. The path is running parallel to a large red brick building. The path ends at the edge of the building so I keep walking in the grass. I turn the corner and there she is.

Her back is to me but I know immediately who she is. Her hair is loose. It’s very long. She is wearing a rust colored dress with gold embroidery on it. Her head is bent as if she is looking at something. I walk up to her side and look down. She has a book open and appears to be reading it even as she walks. I try to also but get dizzy. It doesn’t help that the book is not in English. Reggie runs up and starts sniffing at the hem of her dress.

She is very young. Her skin is flawless and very pale. Her eyebrows almost disappear next to her skin. There are some other women at a distance watching her but she seems very alone. As she continues walking she steps on Reggie who doesn’t even notice.

He has found the smell of smells! He starts to rub his back in the grass. His skinny legs are up in the air. I guess the sixteenth century must have smelled really good if you’re a dog.

I look up and she is gone. The garden in empty. That’s all I remember.

I guess I have been subconsciously thinking about the infinite possibilities when it comes to dream travel cause last night’s dream was a hoot.

We are in a bar. A dark, smelly dive bar (which is my favorite kind). I am sitting at the bar when I realize that Reggie isn’t with me anymore. I take my plate and my mug and I start looking around the bar for him. I ask a guy if he has seen him and he says to check in Ben’s office, down the hall, first door on the left. So I go down the dark hall and open the door. In a room that is really a storeroom is a round table. Five dogs are sitting around the table playing poker. Reggie included.

I take this in as I take a seat in a folding chair and commence to eating my ham sandwich. I can hear the dogs talking as they play, except Reggie, him I hear in my head. There is a bulldog wearing a button-up bowling shirt. From his shirt I guess his name is Lou. There is one of those big poodles that are kind of rare. He has an english accent. The poodle wins and now it is Reggie’s turn to deal. He is wearing a visor and it looks really funny when he deals cause his legs are so short. Somehow it works though. I don’t laugh in front of him cause I don’t want to embarass him.

I finish my sandwich and without saying a word I leave. That’s it.

It made sense at the time

September 1, 2011

I only have a tidbit of a dream to share. Hard times means bad dreams. But this tidbit is funny and maybe a bit strange.

My husband and I are at the Grand Canyon. We are sitting at the edge, with our feet dangling over the side, eating sandwiches. I say something to him about the need to be careful because of all the people who have fallen and died in National Parks recently. Just then a big, white yacht pulls up. It pulls slightly past us and I can see that it is named Irene. I say to my husband, “no, not that one”.


That’s all I’ve got folks.

No good dreams last night just the run of the mill boring stuff. Mostly work related. But I did have a weird dream about a week ago.

I was asleep. I don’t even know if I was dreaming or not. All I know is that I smelled Reggie. He was right there in bed with me. Right by my face. It woke me up. It made me cry.

I feel like an idiot admitting this.