Isn’t there a painting of this?

September 8, 2011

I guess I have been subconsciously thinking about the infinite possibilities when it comes to dream travel cause last night’s dream was a hoot.

We are in a bar. A dark, smelly dive bar (which is my favorite kind). I am sitting at the bar when I realize that Reggie isn’t with me anymore. I take my plate and my mug and I start looking around the bar for him. I ask a guy if he has seen him and he says to check in Ben’s office, down the hall, first door on the left. So I go down the dark hall and open the door. In a room that is really a storeroom is a round table. Five dogs are sitting around the table playing poker. Reggie included.

I take this in as I take a seat in a folding chair and commence to eating my ham sandwich. I can hear the dogs talking as they play, except Reggie, him I hear in my head. There is a bulldog wearing a button-up bowling shirt. From his shirt I guess his name is Lou. There is one of those big poodles that are kind of rare. He has an english accent. The poodle wins and now it is Reggie’s turn to deal. He is wearing a visor and it looks really funny when he deals cause his legs are so short. Somehow it works though. I don’t laugh in front of him cause I don’t want to embarass him.

I finish my sandwich and without saying a word I leave. That’s it.


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