I can’t walk and read, it makes me seasick

September 16, 2011

Last night we had an excellent time. No flying though.

Just all of a sudden we are in a beautifully manicured garden, the sun is shining brightly. I feel myself squinting. Reggie starts sniffing around. Totally loses himself in some smell. I keep walking along a path. The path is running parallel to a large red brick building. The path ends at the edge of the building so I keep walking in the grass. I turn the corner and there she is.

Her back is to me but I know immediately who she is. Her hair is loose. It’s very long. She is wearing a rust colored dress with gold embroidery on it. Her head is bent as if she is looking at something. I walk up to her side and look down. She has a book open and appears to be reading it even as she walks. I try to also but get dizzy. It doesn’t help that the book is not in English. Reggie runs up and starts sniffing at the hem of her dress.

She is very young. Her skin is flawless and very pale. Her eyebrows almost disappear next to her skin. There are some other women at a distance watching her but she seems very alone. As she continues walking she steps on Reggie who doesn’t even notice.

He has found the smell of smells! He starts to rub his back in the grass. His skinny legs are up in the air. I guess the sixteenth century must have smelled really good if you’re a dog.

I look up and she is gone. The garden in empty. That’s all I remember.


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