Is the weird part that it happens in bed?

September 19, 2011

This is what I was dreaming this morning right before I woke up.

I am in a drugstore like Walgreens. Reggie is with me on a leash. We are walking down the center aisle and as we approach the last couple of aisles he starts tugging and pulling me. He pulls me down the last aisle. We go almost all the way down the aisle and he is getting REALLY excited. Then he jumps up onto the second from the bottom shelf. It is cans of shaving cream. The white foamy stuff. He is pushing the cans around with his nose as he whines. He pushes this one can off the shelf onto the floor and then continues to push it down the aisle with his nose.

Of course I buy this can of shaving cream for him. Who wouldn’t?

Cut to at the house. We (Reggie, me and the can of shaving cream) get up in bed with Pete. Reggie is about to turn himself inside out with excitement. I open the can and push the button. A small amount of white foam comes out and it becomes a little white elephant. On my bed. Maybe 5 inches high. Reggie goes completely berserk and he and the elephant start to run around on the bed.

I push the button again and now a cow appears. Then a hippo. Then my bed breaks into two pieces and we all tumble to the floor.

I wake up at that.


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