Finally, we meet again.

January 16, 2013


So I had a short dream the other night that included Reggie. We were walking in a beautiful garden. There was a stream winding through it and the grass came right up to the edge of the water. There were flowering trees and bushes, it was beautiful.

I see this entire scene from above, birds eye view, so I don’t hear any of our conversation. I do get a sense of the content though. It’s is a catching up talk. What’s new, trials and tribulations, good news, etc. But there was one strange thing about this scene…

We were the same height. I was his size. We were head to head. He was on my right side so what I saw was his ENORMOUS left eye. Big, brown, almond shaped eye. At the end I went up to him and nuzzled my face into his  – right in front of his left ear. It was so soft. So warm. So Reggie.


(picture above is a recreation and is not meant to be dig at short people or big dogs)


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